Notes below were posted on Friday, June 02, 2006

Megan Eating Corn

I'm working on a video from our Gatlinburg trip. I came across this clip and decided to post it to the blog. We gave Megan her first ear of corn. She really enjoyed it, but hammed it up a bit when she saw that she was getting attention with her fake cough. She actually started doing the fake cough several months ago.

Her fondness of attention and enjoyment of laughter is part of her personlaity that comes through on these videos. Click on the "Windows Media" below. You may be asked to save the file or open it. If you click to open it it should open Windows Media Player whenever the file completes loading. If not, you may need to save the file and open it with whatever software on your computer that plays .WMV (Windows Media) files.

Windows Media

I'll eventually replace the phrase "Windows Media" with something else, but it'll do for now.