Notes below were posted on Thursday, June 07, 2012

Since July 2010

My blog posts are getting farther and farther apart. It isn’t that my life hasn’t been full. Maybe it’s because life is getting too full or I’m getting too slow to keep up. Anyway, I do have some significant life-changing events to report. First and most exciting – I have a new granddaughter. She is Ella and what a charmer. I’m so happy to have a new baby to love and to watch grow. But this doesn’t take away from the tremendous love that continues to grow for my beautiful Megan.

The main reason for this belated post is to share some pictures. There’s too much news relating to all of us to begin to relate here, so I’ll try to find time to post bits and pieces here as time progresses. One major event that I will report is my pending retirement late this year or in January. Maybe after I retire I can find more time for things like blogging and certainly more time to spend with the grandkids and other family.

Here are some pictures.


This is a picture of Ella 3 months old with Mimi and Granddaddy.

I decided to include this picture so that you can see the extended family on the Beck side. 4 girls seated: Megan, Laura, Jen, Ella, and Barbara. Guys standing: Matt, Jamie, and me

Looks like she's starting to walk already. At 3 months I don't think so. Her legs are strong though.  The name on her bib "Jamifer" is what Jamie and Jennifer started calling her.  They didn't want to divulge the name "Ella" until after birth.

Beautiful Megan after her dance recital last weekend