Notes below were posted on Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Pictures

Barbara and I were invited to go to the beach Sunday - Wednesday with Matt, Laura, and Megan. I plan to make a plethora of pictures there, and will post them here. Until then, though, I don't plan to make any posts. Rather than to leave this blog fallow, I decided to drop a couple of piles of pictures on this post. These are from Laura and Megan's visit last Friday. I posted some from Laura's camera earlier in this blog. I took a couple dozen of Meg on the sofa and on a blanket on the floor.

You also may have noticed a slight change in this blog template. This can be done with a few little HTML changes. The margins were a little too large for my liking. Also, I added the verbiage regarding clicking on the pictures to enlarge. I'm still working on removing some of the lines and shading. The code for those is not as recognizable