Notes below were posted on Thursday, September 01, 2005

Myrtle Beach with Matt & Laura

Barbara and I returned from Myrtle Beach last night after being the guests of Matt and Laura in a condo on a golf course. I don't play golf, but we (all) certainly enjoyed Megan. I baby-sat for much of the time and gave Matt a chance to get out and buy a new set of irons. Barbara and Laura did the shopping thing at the outlet malls and saved Matt and me bunches of money ;- )

Megan continues to develop at a really rapid rate. She is onto her elbows and can roll over if you place her onto her stomach. The rolling over does take quite a bit of effort, though, and she gets frustrated if she doesn’t get a little help after her neck gets tired and her head blops down.

We took her for her first view of the ocean. She was thoroughly unimpressed. I guess at her age everything is new so there are few surprises. She probably would have yawned at a Martian if we came upon one. We also took her to the pool but just let her dangle her toes in it. Laura says that they make special diapers for swimming infants but Megan is too little for them now.

I did manage to get some good pictures, though. I’m placing a few here. I especially like the one of Matt and Megan together. You certainly can tell that she has her daddy’s genes.