Notes below were posted on Thursday, August 25, 2005

More Pictures

Barbara and I were invited to go to the beach Sunday - Wednesday with Matt, Laura, and Megan. I plan to make a plethora of pictures there, and will post them here. Until then, though, I don't plan to make any posts. Rather than to leave this blog fallow, I decided to drop a couple of piles of pictures on this post. These are from Laura and Megan's visit last Friday. I posted some from Laura's camera earlier in this blog. I took a couple dozen of Meg on the sofa and on a blanket on the floor.

You also may have noticed a slight change in this blog template. This can be done with a few little HTML changes. The margins were a little too large for my liking. Also, I added the verbiage regarding clicking on the pictures to enlarge. I'm still working on removing some of the lines and shading. The code for those is not as recognizable

Notes below were posted on Sunday, August 21, 2005

My Birthday Celebration

The big item for my August 20 birthday was a visit by my kids on August 18. Jamie and Jen from Raleigh and Laura and Megan (Matt had to work) from High Point. So no pictures of the cake and (too many) candles, just of Megan. As my kids know, Megan is currently the center of my universe. We all had a great time celebrating.

Yesterday, I got a nice birthday email from an old (excuse me -- I mean long-time) high school friend, Beverly. I replied and gave her the address of this blog. She viewed it, gave it great reviews (as expected from Bev) and asked that I keep it up-to-date with new pictures. So I guess I'm on the line to comply.

These pictures are from Laura's camera. The first two are just adorable pictures of Megan. The 3rd is one that Barbara and Laura probably wouldn't approve, but hey, this is MY blog. Laura has gotten Megan to do one trick so far. That is to stick out her tongue in response to Laura doing the same. It is a "mimic response." I'll of course teach her to do many hideous things as she gets older, but I decided to add this as her first funny-face caught on camera.

The 4th picture is a candid shot that Laura took towards the end of the day. Megan loves the outdoors (like her grandpa). We take walks outside when she visits. Grandpa got a little weary after this particular walk, and we both fell asleep on the hammock. A precious moment for me. Just another nap for Megan.

Notes below were posted on Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Pictures of Laura and Megan

Here are a few pictures of two lovely ladies. Laura visited us last week and Barbara took these pictures. The first is of course Laura and Megan. The second two are of Megan watching her mobile. I take pride in her interest in the mobile. I picked it out before she was born. I thought she'd like it.

The last picture -- to quote another post of a smiling baby "Now that's NOT gas." Magan is at the stage where, with a little effort and sillyness, you can get her to smile. It's a real treat.

Remember that you can click on any of the pictures to see a larger version.

Notes below were posted on Sunday, August 14, 2005

Second Post

Second Post........Really creative title for this post to my new blog. I hope that any of you that are blog-proficient will forgive deviance from any blog protocol. I have found the blog format of transmitting information to be convenient, fun, and free – 3 good reasons to continue using it. I also find it nice to my ego since anyone viewing or choosing to ignore my announcement of new material can remain totally anonymous. It’s not like email where the recipient needs to download the message and any attachments (e.g., photos) – and then respond to show their interest. With this blog you or anyone else can check it at your convenience – or never – to see if there is new information. My personal web page has that element of viewer convenience also, but is more difficult to maintain. I constructed it about 5 years ago and it has received little maintenance since. Updating the files requires logging onto the providing server, replacing files, and then following proper HTML protocol and syntax to assure that the information is posted correctly.

I got the blogging idea from my internet buddy referenced in my first post. As I reported there, I have enjoyed her blog immensely and will continue to check it from time-to-time. I initially felt like I was invading her privacy since it was really intended to be for her family and personal friends. However, we have had some limited email exchange and I now feel that I have her blessing and will continue to view the development of her baby, who is about 6 months older than Megan. I can say that the "other" blogger is an excellent communicator and has a real gift for expressing herself, which has made her blog especially enjoyable to read.

The other item that I’m unsure of is whether a blog is supposed to follow only one theme. The model that I continue to reference has her baby as the primary, almost only, focus of the blog. The prenatal development and ultimate birth of Megan was the item that led me to blogging. Megan’s development, along with pictures, will continue to be the primary focus. Hopefully there will be additional grandchildren and they will be added to this blog. However, I will intermingle the baby pictures with additional information. Pictures and possibly thoughts that can be viewed or ignored. Again, one of the advantages that I see to blogging. I’m going to assume that each of you think my grandbaby is as adorable as I know she is, and you don’t need to convince me that you agree. Laura and Megan will be visiting again on Friday, and I’ll likely have some new pictures to share here.

Most of you who know me well are aware that Barbara and I returned from a very enjoyable "cruisetour" to Alaska in June. We went with two other couples. I took lots of pictures and some video that I am committing to DVD. A couple of pictures are posted below:

The first picture is of our friends, Barbara, and me as we were entering the Yukon Territories from Alaska. The scenery was beautiful. The second is of Barbara and me on the deck of the ship at sunset. The third is of course Barbara. I have found that you can click on the photo to get a larger picture on your computer screen.

Notes below were posted on Friday, August 12, 2005

My First Post

Okay, this is my first day blogging. I'm not sure exactly why I began this, except for a very pleasurable experience of reading a blog that a stranger put on the web. I won't say which one to protect her privacy, but it helped me immensely in understanding my daughter's pregnancy with my first grandbaby. Now, as the "stranger" blogger's baby and my grandbaby mature, I look forward to her new posts. I tried to get my daughter interested in this form of sharing, and even mentioned what I learned from the baby-posts. But you know how it is when you're pregnant and working -- Time is at a premium. I'm busy but not pregnant or a new mom, so I guess I'll do the family chore of posting new baby pictures. Tough job, but someone has to do it! Plus, I like working on the computer. I rarely watch TV anymore except for the news, so computer stuff is my form of entertainment and a pleasant diversion. Most of my computer time these days is editing video. I'm committing most of our old family VHS tapes to DVD. I now find that I'm getting a lot of video of the grandbaby, which I need to edit and put on DVD to show her kids some day.

My grandbaby, Megan, is pictured above. I'll probably add pictures as I give this blog URL to friends.