Notes below were posted on Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mom and Megan

This picture was taken a few weeks ago when we had Mom down for a visit. It was taken by my cousin, Doris, who also visited and took some great pictures. We just got the photos in the mail This one was too good not to scan and post.

Notes below were posted on Monday, November 14, 2005

Peaks of Otter

Last weekend Barbara and I went to Peaks of Otter Lodge on the Blue Ridge Parkway in southern Virginia. We have been there several times. It is less than 3 hours from home and a beautiful drive. We hiked up one of the peaks called Sharp Top. We had hiked the 1.5 miles to the top but never before in the fall. Sharp Top was once believed to be the highest point in Virginia. This claim was subsequently proved false.

The first picture was taken in the lodge dining area after the hike. It was windy and chilly outside and the fireplace provided some comfort. The next picture (clockwise) was taken from the inside of our room. Barbara is looking towards Sharp Top. The next picture is me at the top, and the final shot is from the top looking down at the lodge.

The accommodations at the lodge are modest (cinder block walls). The restaurant is excellent. We saw a herd (gaggle?) of wild turkeys as we were leaving the lodge to head back home. They looked nervous this close to thanksgiving.

Notes below were posted on Monday, November 07, 2005

First Holiday Photos

Laura took Megan for her first trick-or-treat occasion. I think it was more for an opportunity to visit the neighbors and to show off Megan's cute flower outfit. She isn't quite up to eating candy yet (Megan, that is). Laura started her on rice cereal about a month ago. She gobbled it down for a while, now she seems to hate it. Laura is feeding her bananas (the real kind from the produce department -- not from a jar). She seems to like that better, but still not as much as her liquid diet.

The picture with Santa is for Megan to be assured of getting lots of toys for Christmas. Hint..... Megan can get anything she wants from Grandpa.