Notes below were posted on Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Megan's First Christmas

This was Megan's first Christmas, and boy was it a hit! She enjoyed every minute of the excitement, especially her gifts. Of course, the biggest gift for us this year was simply Megan. We are all so grateful for such a marvelous addition to our family, and the celebration centered around her. Jamie played Santa this year and distributed the gifts. We can thank him for placing the Santa cap on Megan and, as you can see, she hammed it up.

Megan enjoyed all of the gifts that she received, and so did the rest of us. We especially enjoyed watching Megan.

I actually did take some pictures of something other than Megan, but not many. The ones below are Wilma (Barbara’s Mom) and Barbara at Laura’s home, the 4 beautiful ladies (Jen, Laura, Barbara, and Wilma) in their new fur sweaters, the “aftermath” of the gift opening with everyone examining their gifts, and Matt as he was reading the Christmas story, what Christmas is really all about, to Megan.

Notes below were posted on Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Babysitting on December 12

Here are some pictures of Megan during our babysitting trip on December 12. Laura had to work from 11 am - 9 pm and Matt had an important court case in Hickory, NC (He's an attorney). Working late and getting up early necessitated that Matt stay in Hickory overnight so we got the opportunity to babysit once again.

The big item in Megan's development is her ability to sit. She can't get herself in a sitting position, but if you place her there, she can stay sitting up for 15-20 seconds. Long enough to take a picture. I was able to catch her as she began to teeter a couple of times, but once I was too late and she fell backwards and bonked her little head on the carpet. Her next few sessions of sitting-up practice were on Laura's bed, where falling over was a little more comfortable. Her "sitting up" pictures on the bed weren't as good as some of the ones just being there (or laying on Barbara). The final 2 pictures are of Grandpa holding Meg and Barbara writing - Scooter watching.