Notes below were posted on Thursday, September 15, 2005

Edited my Template

Those of you with a keen eye you will notice that I have edited the blog template. I removed the option to provide comments since I had several reports of friends and family trying to use that function and were unable to (except for Jamie and Merle who were successful in providing some heart-warming comments). Also, I was getting some SPAM-type comments where unknowns were trying to sell me something, so I just decided to remove the comment option. You can email me with comments if you wish.

I also added a phrase "Notes below were posted on" before the automated date entry to eliminate confusion on which post the date refers to (above or below the date). Finally, I removed some shading and lines. I think these changes make the verbiage easier to read and the blog easier to navigate. Let me know if you feel differently.

I'll be traveling with Megan and other family to show her off to her Great Grandmother (Barbara's mom) for a few days starting September 24 so that'll be the next opportunity that I have to take some baby pictures.

I'll post here before then if I have something equal in excitement to editing my template.